GFCI Combo Outlet with USB/USB-C Wall Charger - 24 W/4.8 A - 125 V - 15 A

SKU: 924444 Model: GUAC1-002-00W


GFCI Combo Outlet with USB/USB-C Wall Charger - 24 W/4.8 A - 125 V - 15 A

The GUAC1-002-00W has a capacity of 15 amps, allowing you to power your phone and tablet at the same time. With our smart chip technology, it recognizes and optimizes the charging needs of your devices for maximum power. This 2-in-1 USB charger also protects you against electrical outages with its ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection. It is ideal for any domestic or commercial application.

Features :

  • Designed with 2 independent circuits to help protect against overloads, short circuits and over currents
  • Constant protection against earth leakage by automatically and periodically self-testing
  • Interlocking mechanism that prevents rearming if the device is not powered, if the device's line and load connections have been swapped, or if the device fails its automatic internal check
  • Built-in smart chip technology that recognizes and optimizes the charging needs of the connected device, ensuring it receives the right amount of power for fast and efficient charging.
  • Requires a very deep wall-mounted electrical box
  • Status LED Indicator


  • Outlet type: GFCI wall outlet with USB-A and USB-C ports
  • Current voltage: 125 V
  • Current intensity: 15 A
  • Power: 24W
  • USB port current voltage: 5 V DC with a power of 9 W
  • USB-C port current voltage: 5V DC with 15W power
  • Certification: CSA

Product details

  • UPC Code:
  • 078477996089
  • Inner:
  • 1
  • Maker:
  • Master:
  • 10
  • Model:
  • GUAC1-002-00W
  • Product height:
  • 7 cm
  • Product width:
  • 12 cm
  • Product length:
  • 5 cm
  • Product weight:
  • 0.22 kg
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