About us

In 1951, conscious that the field of electronic would know increasing expansion and have a considerable impact in decades to come, Léo Labrèche, then 47 years old, registers at Teccart Institute to train as radio and television technician. After two years, he graduates at the top of his class.

Approached by many manufacturers looking for competent servicemen, Léo Labrèche elects to work for Addison, a Canadian manufacturer of radio and television for more than 30 years and owned by Jack Addison’s family. Smaller than its competitors, Addison was offering Léo Labrèche more opportunities to exercise his skills.

It did not take long for the head office in Toronto to notice Léo Labrèche had the knack to tract and find solutions to production line problems and acknowledging his expertise, he is soon promoted service manager at the St-Jacques’ office in Montreal.

After the death of Jack Addison, it was decided to liquidate the company. En 1961, Léo Labrèche buys the electronic division and names it Addison TV Parts Ltd.

­With 7 sons and 3 daughters, Léo Labrèche has all the help he needs. Gilles, his oldest son, previously working at Canadian Marconi since 1951, joins Addison in 1965 and becomes vice-president. According to their experience and abilities, every one of them supervises a department. Jean-Claude already working for the division of washers, dryers, kitchen ranges and refrigerators Norge later sold to Tappan-Gurney, is in charge of the Parts Department. Bernard and Yves manage Customer Service and the Repairs Service for Addison radio and TV, as well as other brand names, such as G.B.S. and Motorola also manufactured by Addison.
Visionary and avant-gardist, Léo Labrèche breaks new ground in making available electronic parts not only to repairmen but to the public in general.

This way of working is still in force and allows Addison to maintain a very large inventory of a wide range of good quality products at affordable prices. All the while, the pool of customers increases all across Canada and outside the country.

Bernard Labrèche, elected president in 1975, manages the daily administration of the store in Montreal and the purchasing of stock surplus on the Canadian and American markets.

In September 2002, Yves, Alain and Christian Labrèche, and Jean Lestage, state their intention to buy all the shares of Addison. This acquisition gives rise to Addison Electronics. The new team, familiar with the operations of the company, sets definite objectives. All the while perpetuating Léo Labrèche’s philosophy to sell electronic parts at the lowest possible prices, Addison must constantly progress and develop new ways to meet the needs of its clientele. Addison is now selling materials and components in fields as diversified as: networking, computing, telecommunication, audio and security and surveillance equipment.
In 2009, Addison doubles the surface of the store. Customers may now enjoy new displays showing a vast selection of merchandise.

Proud of what has been accomplished since 1961, we would like to express our gratitude to our employees and to our customers. Rest assured that we will always devote our energy to offer you a diversified range of quality products at the best possible prices and qualified service to come up with our customers’ expectations.

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