Terms and conditions

What is the Points Addition program

The Points Addition program is a points accumulation program offered by Addison Electronics Inc. and participating stores. This program notably allows the accumulation and exchange of Points Addition during a purchase in an Addison store.

For a list of participating entities, contact Addison Electronics by email at info@addison-electronique.com or by phone at 514-376-1740 ext. 246.

The loyalty program (hereinafter referred to as the "Program", "Points Addition Program" or "Points Addition") is the property of Addison Electronics Inc.

Members of this program (hereafter referred to as "Members") must agree to the terms and conditions to benefit from the Points Addition program.

The Addition Points Card (hereinafter referred to as "card" or "point card") given to Members upon joining remains the property of Addison Electronics Inc.

In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the English version of the Program Terms and Conditions or other statements contained in any material relating to the Program, including the website, or in point-of-sale, television, written or online, the terms of the French version of these terms and conditions prevail, govern the parties and take precedence, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Monetary amounts in the Program Terms and Conditions are in Canadian dollars (CAD).

How the Points Addition program works

Points accumulation

To accumulate Addition Points, Member must, when making purchases in one of the participating Addison Electronics stores, present his card to the cashier before the transaction is completed. The Addition Points accumulated during this transaction will be available for redemption 30 days after the original transaction.

Addition Points can be earned in two ways:
  • For each dollar spent before taxes, the Member receives 2 points.

  • Purchase amountEarned point
    $ 1.002

  • The purchase of certain products will cause the Member to accumulate additional points, referred to as bonus points. These products will be identified in participating stores, on the Addison website and/or in an Addison flyer. Products may change without notice as well as the amount of bonus points they allow to accumulate.

Redemption of Addition Points

The Member may, according to the terms and conditions, redeem the Addition Points accumulated to pay in part or in full, the amount of his purchase transaction at a participating Addison Electronics branch.

Addition Points can be redeemed in the following ratio:
  • In exchange for 100 accumulated points, the Member receives $1.00 in purchase value at one of the participating Addison Electronics stores

  • Earned pointsExchange value
    100$ 1.00


  • Accumulated Addition Points cannot be transferred, sold or converted into cash.
  • Addison Electronics Inc. limits the number of Addition Points accumulated for a Member to 1 million (1,000,000) points. Addison Electronics Inc. may at any time and without notice, manually reduce a Member's point balance so that it remains at 1,000,000.
  • If the time elapsed since the last transaction on the account exceeds (1) year, Addison Electronics Inc. may, following a 30-day notice sent by email to the Member, delete the accumulated Addition Points.
  • Addison Electronique Inc. may at any time refuse or cancel a Member's membership if the latter does not comply with the terms and conditions or if, in the opinion of Addison Electronique Inc., the latter has abused the Addition Points program. In the event of a cancellation, all the Member's points will be deleted.
  • When returning or refunding one or more product(s), the points accumulated for the latter(s) during the initial transaction will be debited from the Member's Addition Points account.
  • If a returned product was purchased with Addition Points, Addison reserves the right to choose the method of refund. The member could be reimbursed in points on his card or in cash.
  • A purchase made using points does not earn more points.
  • Addison Electronics Inc. reserves the right to refuse the accumulation of points on certain invoices or products on an invoice, if a discount, promotion or liquidation has exceptionally been granted manually by an Addison employee.
  • It is not possible to accumulate points on the following purchases: delivery charges, gift card, labor charges, eco-fees, eco-batteries, eco-fluo and donations (in the case of an agreement with a organization for which Addison collects donations).

How to become a Member

Individuals wishing to become a Member must register on this site to receive a virtual card or to purchase a physical card at a participating Addison store. The new Member can accumulate points immediately, but cannot redeem the points until the online registration is completed.

A person can join the Point Addition program only if he meets the conditions below.

  • The person who wishes to become a Member must be over 18 years old;
  • The Member must be a resident of Quebec;
  • Only an individual can join the Points Addition program. Non-physical entities (companies, societies and enterprises) are excluded;
  • Member must comply with all applicable laws while participating in the Program;
  • By participating in this Program, Member consents to Addison collecting and using Member's personal information to administer the Program and to Addison communicating with Member regarding the Program (including through electronic communication). All information related to the Program is and remains the exclusive property of Addison;
  • Addison Electronics Inc. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to require proof of identity or eligibility (including, without limitation, government-issued photo identification):
  • To verify eligibility to participate in the Program;
  • For any other reason deemed necessary for the purposes of administering this Program in accordance with the letter and spirit of the Terms. Failure to provide such proof within the specified time may result in the Member being disqualified from the Program (and eligible transactions, rewards, card, account and any other aspect of the Program that are offered may be revoked, canceled and erased ) at the sole discretion of Addison Electronics Inc.

Additional Rules and Terms

  • Each card is unique to one person and cannot be shared, transferred or sold.
  • Only one (1) membership is permitted per person.
  • Addison's decisions with respect to all aspects of the Program are final and binding, without right of appeal, including, without limitation, any decision regarding eligibility or disqualification of eligible transactions, Rewards or Members.
  • Addison Electronics Inc. assumes no responsibility for the use by a third party of a lost or stolen card if Addison Electronics Inc. has not been notified of the loss or theft.
    • In the event of a theft or a lost card, Addison Electronics Inc. will offer a virtual card for the Member who requests it. Plastic cards will not be replaced.
  • Point transactions in Addison's various computer systems are believed to be accurate. If a Member wishes to raise an issue regarding their points balance, they should contact Addison by email at loyaute@addison-electronique.com. The email should contain a written explanation and any relevant evidence. Addison will make a final decision within 30 days and notify the Member of that decision by replying to the original email.

Changes to program terms

Subject to applicable laws, Addison Electronics Inc. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify these Terms and Conditions in whole or in part, at any time, without incurring any liability or obligation to the Member or any other person or entity. In the event of such a modification, a publication at least thirty (30) days before the entry into force of the said changes will be made on the site https://addison-electronique.com. Continuing participation in the Program after the date indicated (or in any other notice given) means that the Member fully accepts the Program Terms as revised and agrees to be legally bound by them.

Subject to applicable laws, Addison Electronics Inc. reserves the right to terminate the Points Addition program at any time ninety (90) days following publication on the website https://addison-electronique.com exclusively . However, Addition Points will be available for redemption for a period of one (1) year following the end of the program.


By becoming a Member, you agree :

  • To the terms and conditions of the Points Addition program.
  • To receive special offers and information about our products (newsletters)

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