Gift Cards

Terms and conditions

General conditions

Addison Electronics and its affiliates (collectively “Addison”) offer physical or electronic gift cards (hereafter referred to as “gift card” or “card”) whose balances can be redeemed at participating stores.

The terms "you" and "customer" mean the person who purchased the gift card or the person using the gift card.

By purchasing or using an Addison Gift Card, you confirm your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, which Addison may modify at any time, without notice.

In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the Gift Card balance on our system and the Website, or other platforms, the balance on our system prevails and takes precedence, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

How to get a gift card

Physical Addison gift cards are on sale at participating Addison stores. Electronic gift cards are available on the Addison website Gift cards purchased in-store or online do not have an expiration date. A physical gift card can be reloaded at participating Addison stores.

A card given by Addison or a participating store as part of a promotion may have an expiration date. Addison reserves the right to choose the expiration date and will not allow reloading of this type of card. After this date, the card will no longer have any value and the customer who received it may dispose of it.

  • The value of gift cards is in Canadian dollars;
  • There are no activation or usage fees for gift cards;
  • As soon as a gift card is purchased or donated, its ownership is transferred to the customer who received it.

By purchasing an electronic gift card online, you represent and warrant that:

  • You are responsible for the accuracy of all information you provide;
  • If an electronic gift card is to be delivered to someone other than you, there is a personal or family relationship between you and that person, within the meaning of Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation ("CASL"), and they provided consent and all necessary authority for you to provide their name and email address to Addison Electronics or its third party service providers for the purpose of processing the eGift Card order;
  • You acknowledge that Addison Electronics or its third party service providers may be required to provide your civic numbers, email address and telephone number to the third party service providers and/or eGift Card recipient in order to process the Gift Card order. electronically and you authorize them to do so;
  • You are not breaching any contract, obligation, or law, and you are not infringing any intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or other legal rights of anyone.

Checking the balance of a gift card

  • Your card balance is expressed in Canadian dollars;
  • Your gift card balance will appear on your receipt after each use;
  • You can request your gift card balance at checkout or customer service at participating Addison stores, or view it online at You must have your card number handy.


  • An Addison Gift Card cannot be redeemed for cash;
  • All gift card sales are final. A gift card order placed online cannot be canceled once paid;
  • The purchase or recharge of a card cannot be refunded;
  • Addison reserves the right to withhold, suspend, cancel or refuse an order if it suspects fraud or a violation of these Terms and Conditions. In such a case, Addison will advise of its decision by email;
  • The maximum value of a gift card is one thousand dollars ($1 000.00 CAD);
  • An Addison Gift Card cannot be used to purchase a Gift Card;
  • If an invoice has been charged to the account, a customer cannot use their gift card to pay their account;
  • The purchase of a gift card can be made exclusively with the following payment methods: credit card, debit card, Paypal account (only online) and cash (Canadian dollars);
  • Addison Gift Cards can only be used at participating Addison stores. The up-to-date store list can be found on the website;

  • The unused balance of a Gift Card cannot be returned for cash (unless required by law);
  • Gift cards awarded as part of a promotion can only be delivered to a valid address in Canada;
  • Gift Cards may be void if altered, mutilated or defaced;
  • There is no accumulation of rewards points on the purchase of gift cards

Refund of a gift card purchase

  • It is necessary to present the original invoice to be able to return a product purchased in store with a gift card;
  • The terms and conditions of our exchange and refund policy apply and can be viewed online on our website;
  • If you return a product purchased in-store with a gift card, Addison will either refund your purchase to the same gift card or issue you a new gift card for the amount refunded.

Lost or stolen gift card

Since ownership of the card passes to the receiving customer, Addison is not responsible for the theft or loss of a gift card. A customer who loses or has his card stolen will not be compensated and his card will not be replaced. Addison is not responsible for fraudulent use of a gift card, the card owner will not receive compensation if their card is used by someone else. Addison will not verify the identity of the person using the card. It is the cardholder's responsibility to protect their card and prevent fraudulent use. If the card owner has lost their card or suspects that a copy has been made, they can contact Addison Montreal customer service. Addison will make a decision but does not guarantee any action on its part.

If an electronic gift card is purchased and the intended recipient does not receive it, please contact us at info@addison-electronique. If the e-gift card has not been redeemed, we will cancel it and send another one.

A card donated by Addison or a participating store as part of a promotion may be mailed to the winner's address. In this case, Addison is not responsible for the loss or theft of the parcel/letter. In this event, the gift card winner must contact Addison by email at and Addison will make a decision, but does not guarantee any action.

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