Disposable Mouse Glue Trap - 4-Pack

SKU: 925051 Model: A1011PDQ
Disposable Mouse Glue Trap - 4-Pack
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Goodbye to small rodents, mice and insects with our ultra-effective disposable glue trap. Featuring a strong, professional grade adhesive, this trap ensures that captured pests will not come loose. Simply place the trap where you observe pest activity, and that's it.

With its disposable design, this mouse and insect glue trap offers a no-mess solution and easy cleanup. You can simply throw away the trap once it is full, without having to worry about harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Safety is our priority. These traps are non-toxic, making them safe for outdoor and indoor use, even around children and pets. In addition, the trap has no spring, thus eliminating any risk of accidental injury.

Finally, our trap is easy to use. Just place it wherever you feel the need. Thanks to its odorless formula, you won't have to worry about placing it in places sensitive to odors.

Features :

  • Professional grade adhesive for strong adhesion
  • Disposable traps for easy, mess-free cleanup
  • Non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals and pesticides
  • Safety assured without springs, suitable for locations where there are children and pets
  • Easy to use, simply place the trap where needed
  • Odorless for use in all environments.

Pack of 4 traps

Product details

  • Model:
  • A1011PDQ
  • UPC Code:
  • 071555803033
  • Inner:
  • 12
  • Master:
  • 72
  • Product height:
  • 17 cm
  • Product width:
  • 12 cm
  • Product length:
  • 2 cm
  • Product weight:
  • 0.051 kg
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