Screw and Bolt Thread Stopper - Reusable - 6 ml

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Screw and Bolt Thread Stopper - Reusable - 6 ml
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Tank Bond Gel Thread Stopper is your ally for securely holding screws and bolts and tightening loose fasteners. Its quick-drying coating creates a tight seal that absorbs shock and vibration, preventing screws and bolts from accidentally popping out of wood, metal and plastic.

Easy to use, simply apply the cap to the screw threads, let it dry and secure the screw in place. In addition, the treated fasteners remain fully adjustable, removable and reusable. No need to worry about loose screws anymore, the Tank Bond threaded cap will hold them securely in place.  

With an autonomy of 30 minutes, this thread stopper will allow you easy handling for solid fixings! It is reusable and manipulable per application up to 5 times.

Prevent loosening of studs, screws and bolts caused by vibrations with this reusable thread stopper gel from Tank Bond!

Features :

  • Compatible with different materials like metal, wood and plastic
  • Creates a waterproof seal: Absorbs shock and vibration thanks to its gel coating
  • Prevents involuntary movement of bindings
  • Easy to handle thanks to its 30-minute battery life
  • Suitable for all bindings, regardless of size and type
  • Prevents loose screws and bolts with strong fastening
  • Reusable and reinstated per application up to 5 times
  • Will not damage plastic
  • 6ml tube

Product details

  • Model:
  • 7079874914
  • UPC Code:
  • 070798749146
  • Inner:
  • 1
  • Master:
  • 12
  • Product height:
  • 16 cm
  • Product width:
  • 10 cm
  • Product length:
  • 2 cm
  • Product weight:
  • 0.02 kg
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